• Christine Sevier Creating New Hope Senior Living Advisor min

The Founder

Christine Sevier is the owner and founder of Creating New Hope. She grew up in the Bay Area, obtaining her BA in Psychology at John F. Kennedy University. She’s spent ten years serving as a local Advocate, Case Manager and as a Mental Health Counselor at John Muir Hospital. Creating New Hope was established by Christine Sevier out of necessity, as she was court appointed as her grandmother’s conservator due to the progressive nature of her Alzheimer’s Disease. Her many years in the social services field made her an expert at identify and navigating community resources. She is also a California Certified Administrator for Residential Care for the Elderly (RCFE). Making her an expert in senior placement.

Through caring for my own grandparents, I learned how difficult it was to find quality assistance and placement. As I managed my grandparents end of life care I have learned the importance and need for patient advocacy.

Christine Sevier

CEO - Alameda & Contra Costa County